This map illustrates how using Rationale can help people work out personal or family issues.


I put it together with my, then, 90 year old Grandmother when she was agonising over whether or not to have hip replacement surgery. She  was overwhelmed with a maze of issues and details and was having trouble working her way through them. I sat down with her for about an hour and put down the issues in this map. The map is not complete, thorough or probably correctly structured, but it did have the effect of clarifying what the important issues were for her and clearing the way for her to go ahead with the surgery. In the end the surgery had a very good outcome and she is happy and recovering well.


Here is the Rationale file:

GG hip replacement.rtnl


You can just click on the link or the thumbnail below to load the file into Rationale.  Alternatively, if you’re accessing this page from within the browser built into v.1.3+, you can just drag it the link or thumbnail over onto the workspace to open up the file.


Thumbnail image of the map: