– Berg, T. ter, Brugge, E. van der, Teaching Critical Thinking with Rationale. INTED 2013. This paper gives more information on an IARPA funded research project. The open course Improving Reasoning was a result of this project. The course is based on Rationale. It has textbooks and tons of exercises.

– Davies, W.M., Computer-Assisted Argument Mapping: A Rationale Approach . 2009. Higher Education.

– Driel, S. van, & Prakken, H,  Visualising the argumentation structure of an expert witness report with Rationale (extended abstract) . In A.Z. Wyner (ed.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules, in conjunction with JURIX-10, Liverpool 2010, pp. 1-8.

From the Abstract:

‘This paper reports on a case study in which the use of the Rationale software was investigated to analyse the argumentation structure of a Dutch expert witness report in a criminal case. The underlying motivation of the case study was to explore the usefulness of argumentation visualisation software for increasing a judge’s understanding of expert reports and for assisting him or her in asking the proper critical questions to the expert. By way of an initial exploration of this usefulness, an expert report was analysed with the Rationale software. The visualisation was informally discussed with a legal expert, who was generally positive but also expressed some concerns and expected that the main usefulness of the tool is in training and education of judges.’

For the Rationale maps that were used in this research, click here (Dutch).

– Gelder, T. van, The rationale for Rationale ®. Law, Probability and Risk, (2007) 6, 23−42.

– Kunsch, D.W., Schnarr, K., & van Tyle, R., The Use of Argument Mapping to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in Business Education. Volume 89, Issue 8, November 2014, pages 403-410.

– Lengbyer, L., Critical Thinking in the Intelligence Community: The Promise of Argument Mapping. Inquiry: Critical Thinking across the disciplines. Summer 2014, Vol. 29, No. 2.

 A fascinating case study showing the importance of argument mapping, using Rationale. From the Abstract:

” It is unfortunate that so much turns on the practices of argument construction and critique in intelligence analysis, for example, because these practices are fraught with difficulty. However, the recently developed technique of argument mapping helps reasoners conduct these practices more thoroughly and insightfully, as can be shown in an extended illustration concerning Iraqi nuclear activities circa 2002.”

– Twardy, C., Argument Maps Improve Critical Thinking, 2004. Teaching Philosophy, 27:2. A joy to read.