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  • "These days students get many writing assignments, for instance an argument or literature study. By having him make an argument map, as a summary, it`s much easier to assess whether the student has built up the argument properly and what the quality is of the use of sources. Argument maps are good tools to give depth to an assignment."
    Lia van Stralen, lecturer Healthcare at Utrecht University, NL
  • "Finally: a method that provides lecturers with real tools to help students getting their thinking and writing to a higher level. And even more: the execellent Rationale program helps you making a good structure for your reasoning, arguments, analyses and evaluation."https://www.reasoninglab.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=dt_testimonials
    Kees van EE, Stafbureau O&O, Hanzehogeschool, NL
  • "Before Rationale, I was only able to lecture at my students about the skill of evaluating arguments. After Rationale, I have the technology I need to help them actually acquire the skill."
    Gary Comstock (professor of philosophy at North Carolina State University):
  • My students saw the benefit of the program from the minute they started using it so I would be recommending it to the Assistant Principal.

    Julie Ralph ( Adelaide High School, Australia)
  • Again, the single most helpful aspect about Rationale is how much it makes it easy (especially for visual learners) to critically think through the structure of their papers, speeches, debate positions, and other communication projects.  This is THE major step in the writing process that my students tend to gloss over--despite all my attempts to use other visual aids, outlining strategies, etc.  There's something about the dynamic interface, the color-coding and argument evaluation tools, and the ease of the Essay Planning tool that both speeds up and sharpens the thinking process involved in the creative process.

    ..Both Dr. Sager and I saw a huge gain in our Ethics Bowl participants' ability to prepare positions on these UW Ethics Bowl queries; and I saw similar clarity provided by Rationale with my freshmen in our Holt-McDougal Argumentation & Persuasion Unit culminating debates (see final attachment).'

    Michael Andersen (Columbia River High School, US)
Princeton University
Hogeschool Utrecht
Melbourne University
North Carolina State University
Universiteit van Amsterdam