Welcome on the site for lecturers that use the method Critical Thinking with Rationale.


On this site you will find materials for your courses Critical Thinking in Map A.

You may only use the materials in when your school or institution has a license to do so or when you have a written permission to do so from Austhink/KD BV.


Besides thsese materials you will find additional information in Map B etc.



A. All licensed materialsof the method CTwR except the sites with Exercises connected with Rationale. 

B. Materials made and provided by lecturers CTwR themselves.  

C. The Rationale WIKI: a special site with all kinds of materials made in Rationale.

D. Technical FAQ for Rationale users.

E. Audio files of CT lessons of Tim van Gelder and Fiona Patterson

F. Information on how to integrate CTwR into a curriculum.

G. Information on Critical Thinking & Didactic – Pedagogy. 

H. Information on Critical Thinking & Research.