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Solutions for better business performance

  • Whether working alone or as part of a team, bCisive helps you organize your thinking and move quickly and effectively from analysis to action.
  • Get more out of planning sessions and make Word® and PowerPoint® work harder for you with bCisive’s logical, visual framework.
  • For team-oriented, web-based collaboration using similar visual techniques, check out bCisive Online.

Enhance your competitive edge

Get a visual edge and unclutter your business operations with bCisive, easy-to-use software for organizing and sharing business thinking and planning. With bCisive, you can picture the problem, issue, or pattern and tell a logical and compelling story to motivate your team and satisfy your management.

  • Imagine a meeting – virtual or onsite – with automatic summaries and task assignments ready for emailing immediately: no more flip chart pages or messy white boards.
  • Imagine a presentation easily planned through bCisive and exported as images and text directly to PowerPoint®.
  • Imagine an organized, compelling memo, email or white paper based on your clean, clear thinking easily exported from bCisive to Word® or Outlook®.


bCisive for visual thinking:

Capture discussion Keep meetings on track, record each team member’s contribution and assigned tasks, and build shared understanding.
Organize ideas Structure thinking, identify patterns and formulate an effective plan.

bCisive for problem solving:

Explore options Lay out all the options and investigate the implications, analyze trade-offs and arrive at the best decision with greater consensus.
Test hypotheses Assess a situation, look at competing possibilities, and quickly identify the most likely cause.
Analyze reasoning Develop logic and convince colleagues to support and adopt a proposal.


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