We’ve been hard at work for half a year developing a set of cool new features in Rationale, so we’re excited to finally release this major update.

New in Rationale:

  • The Collaboration option. With this new feature, you can invite other Rationale users to work with you on building a map. To find collaborators, contact Rationale users via their user name or their email address. Rationale users can activate this option by accessing their Profile, choosing to make it Public and enabling Notifications.
  • The Version History option allows you to return to earlier versions of a map. The feature works both for maps you made yourself and for maps created in collaboration with other Rationale users.
  • The Tablet version of Rationale. Thanks to this new platform, you can now use Rationale on your tablet as well as your desktop computer.


We’ve added three new features to the My Maps section:

o   a Search function

o   a Page function that displays 10 maps on each page

o   the option of Adding Attachments to a map ( 5 attachments, with a maximum size of 5Mb each).


We will make special posts on how to use the different new options in Rationale on this blog.

Coming months we will introduce these options into our bCisive program.


Happy Mapping!

The Rationale Team