Dit zeggen enkele van onze gebruikers:

“As a professional visual mapper consulting to business management, I give Austhink’s products two thumbs up: they’re just great for budding critical thinkers and decision makers. I’ve added these tools as integral to my consultancy success. “

Wallace Tait, Visual mapping consultant, trainer and coach

“bCisive is a pleasure to use! A terrific new thinking tool and presentation tool.”

Steve Krug, Author of Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

“bCisive does for argument maps what PowerPoint did for slide preparation – it takes it from the domain of experts (or highly motivated amateurs) and puts it in the hands of everyday business users.”

Angus McDonald, Software Developer at Elcom Technology and blogger – read the blog post

“This software has turbo-charged my doctoral research big time, and is changing the way I work in my profession as well. Using bCisive crystallizes complexity into simplicity, making the ‘premise, contention, rebuttal’ process intuitive.

Being half academic, half professional, I am creating some workshops to show how I am using your software. The consensus among participants is that tools like bCisive encourage serious productivity at Senior Management level. Comments like “all managers should know how to use these tools” are common.

This software is not only fun to use, it’s helping me think and see in exciting new ways.”

Steve Hinge, ICT Project Manager, NorthTec (NZ) and online lecturer, Project Management MBA, Henley Management College (UK)

“Building a decision tree is quick and easy. I see great potential for using this interactively in business meetings, workshops and group consultations. This feels like a winner.”

Steve Rothwell, Professional facilitator and blogger – read the blog post

“I am pretty impressed with the thinking behind bCisive. It leverages the key ideas of visual thinking and combines it with a structured approach for making decisions in a more efficient way.

A tool like bCisive is exceedingly powerful because it makes the inner structure of arguments clear and transparent. It gives everyone involved in the decision a common vocabulary for decision making, and it lays it out in a graphical map, so that people can quickly and intuitively see the current state of the decision.”

Michael Sampson, Industry analyst, consultant and blogger – read the blog posts here and here

“A very useful application for managerial decision making.”

Vivek Gupta, Senior Research Associate, Indian Institute of Management

“The simplest interface to software I have ever seen.”

Craig Pope, CEO, Bijingo

“A very nice tool for outlining discussion options in a strategic planning or visioning process.”

David Porter, Executive Director, BCcampus

“I love the ease of interactivity with a map, the clean spare appearance of maps, and the intuitive nature of many of the aspects of the interface.”

Geoff Cumming,Emeritus Professor, School of Psychological Science, La Trobe University

“I wish I had bCisive earlier in my career. I am creating templates to perform management consulting engagements for strategic planning and also for teaching business management courses for graduates and undergraduates. In addition, I am now creating decision maps and argument maps for my dissertation project. This will go a long way to help me defend my dissertation. Thank you.”

Paul Trebian,Business Systems Area Chair, University of Phoenix

“A great tool that helps to show quickly and intuitively the decision making process.”

Edward Keelan, Head of Operations, KorteQ Ltd

“I think it has great potential, especially as an aid for teaching decision-making processes. Impressive!”

Steven Kern, Faculty Advisor, United States Army Sergeants Major Academy

“bCisive is one of the few tools that allows you literally to ‘see’ your case. The interface is fantastic! It has a great look and feel. I’ve found numerous ways to use it in a law practice.”

Dave Maxfield, Partner, Trotter & Maxfield Attorneys

“I like bCisive a lot. I do a lot of consulting and education with clients and it’s a tool that we can use to ‘paint the picture’ of the issues and decisions under discussion.

“So much of the industrial world has spent the past fifteen years searching for ‘best practices’. Unfortunately, there are few simple solutions to complex problems. I think the ‘sweet spot’ for bCisive is the emerging reality that managers must deal with complex issues and that doing so is tough, but not impossible. It’s a great planning tool for senior executives, and has broader applicability to middle managers in their quest to influence decisions in their organizations.”

Bill Welter, Managing Director, Adaptive Strategies Inc.

“As a result of applying the bCisive process to my decision, I am clearer and more confident about it, and therefore less stressed. Most of the value I find in bCisive is in increasing my confidence in intuitive decisions, and in helping me communicate them. I find bMaps a quicker way to lay out the analytical stuff behind the decision, and of creating a presentable version of this thinking.”

Jonathan Lacey, Director, Old La Honda Services