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Books & Software

Critical Thinking Books and Software
"For over 40 years, Critical Thinking Books & Software has offered the largest selection of quality critical thinking products for K-adult education. Our products improve academic performance, helping students at all ability levels succeed in education, future professions, and life."

Vale Press Critical Thinking Specialists.
"We specialize in critical thinking, practical reasoning, informal logic, and argumentation, for higher education. Our publishing program includes textbooks and teaching materials for college level, research relevant to such teaching, and basic research."

Foundation for Critical Thinking Bookstore
Stuff by Richard Paul and Linda Elder.

National Center for Teaching Thinking (US)
"NCTT offers custom-designed long-term staff development programs, special courses, workshops, and a summer institute." Also has a online store for books and CDs.  (4 Aug 05)

Thinker's World
Website sells John Chaffee and John Chaffee's books.

New Zealand-based online store selling thinking skills resources of various kinds.  See also the proprietor's blog for reflections on teaching thinking skills. (21 May 07)

Consultants & Trainers

"Kepner-Tregoe, a worldwide management consulting firm, helps integrate an organization's knowledge base and critical thinking skills with its strategy, its structure and systems, and the processes by which goals are accomplished. We specialize in strategy, problem solving and decision making, project management, cost reduction, training, and organizational improvement."

Austhink - The Australian Thinking Skills Institute
"Austhink is a network of Australia's leading experts in critical thinking. Its mission is to improve the quality of thinking and judgement in Australian society, from primary school to the highest levels of business and government."

Action Management Associates, Dallas TX
"Action Management Associates, Inc. (AMAI) is a management training company specializing in the advanced critical thinking skills arena for over 20 years. Our premier management tools are used by companies worldwide to strengthen their most valuable asset…people!"

Great Circle Learning Marco Island, Florida
"Critical Thinking is our passion. Through our research and our experience as practitioners in the field, we have developed a definition of critical thinking that is practical and accessible to business professionals, and we offer corporate education and training that delivers by teaching people how to put critical thinking to work."

Critical Thinking Ireland
"Critical Thinking Ireland is dedicated to process excellence. We will help you to identify critical processes, map them thoroughly, pinpoint primary drivers, make radical improvements and hold the gains." 
But will they help you eliminate jargon and hype?...

Cognitive Technologies, Inc.
Offers the interesting-looking "Critical Thinking Training for the Battlefield" - "This training aims to teach officers how to think critically and to make better decisions on the battlefield. It is not a general course on logic, decision making, or critical thinking that just happens to use military examples. The lessons it teaches are fully embedded in realistic Army contexts and are motivated by tasks and challenges that arise in that context. There are no abstract rules that officers must learn and then figure out how to translate and apply to the military field. Nevertheless, this training is based on a methodology that can be applied to any area of decision making, including business."


Insight Assessment
"Leaders in assessment and evaluation services." Peter Facione's business.  Vendors of many useful tests including the California Critical Thinking Skills Test.

The Performance Assessment Network
"The Performance Assessment Network, Inc, is a one-stop-shop of fully web enabled assessments. Over 300 instruments by over 30 top publishers are licensed and the assessments currently available include The Psychological Corporation's Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test (Form S)."

Last updated: 22 Jun 2007