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Institutes, Centers and Societies
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Austhink - The Australian Thinking Skills Institute
"Austhink is a network of Australia's leading experts in critical thinking. Its mission is to improve the quality of thinking and judgement in Australian society, from primary school to the highest levels of business and government."

AILACT - Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking
"Founded in 1983, the Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT) is a non-profit scholarly association which aims to promote research into, teaching of, and testing of informal logic and critical thinking. It sponsors programs in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Eastern, Pacific and Central divisions of the American Philosophical Association, and has in the past sponsored programs in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association."

Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation

National Center for Teaching Thinking (US)
"The National Center for Teaching Thinking (NCTT), a service organization for educators ... is dedicated to providing programs of excellence for K - 12 schools and colleges on teaching and assessing skillful thinking. NCTT offers custom-designed long-term staff development programs, special courses, workshops, and a summer institute. It draws upon a staff distinguished in the field from the USA and abroad." (4 Aug 05)

Center for Critical Thinking, at Baker University
Website "contains a large critical thinking bibliography, selected papers on critical thinking theory and practice, links to other critical thinking web sites, and syllabi for Baker's critical thinking courses"

Center for Critical Thinking at Sonoma State University

Center for Research in Critical Thinking at the University of East Anglia
Established in November 1992, the UEA Centre for Research in Critical Thinking has as its objectives conducting research into:
* theoretical questions relating to reasoning and critical thinking,
* the teaching of reasoning and critical thinking skills,
* the assessment of reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Institute for Critical Thinking, Montclair State University

Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, Montclair State University

ISSA - International Society for the Study of Argumentation
ISSA's main purpose is...to promote and improve the extent and quality of research in the field of argumentation theory and its application; to facilitate the professional cooperation of its members; to sponsor, organize, or support public and professional meetings in the field of argumentation; to support or produce publications relevant to these objectives; and to support and cooperate with individuals and organizations expressing related interests." [29 Jul 02]

American Forensic Association
"The professional organization of educators and researchers in argumentation and public advocacy."

Tregoe Education Forum
"The Tregoe Education Forum is dedicated to providing proven methods to help students, teachers and administrators and their communities in dealing with the demands of a rapidly changing world that requires increasing effectiveness in problem solving and decision making, continuous learning and the ability to work together."

International Association for the Study of Controversies
"In the wake of several years of collective work in the study of scientific, philosophical, and other controversies, it was decided to institutionalize minimally our efforts, by creating a voluntary and fee-free association devoted to the study of actual controversies, as well as to studying and developing appropriate tools for controversy study and management. The association is not limited to theoretical purposes, but will actively seek to apply the results of its studies to conflict management in areas of practical activity. Membership is open to bona fide scholars as well as to laymen interested in the subject."

Maryland Community College Consortium for Teaching Reasoning
"The site contains much of interest to faculty teaching thinking in their courses: articles, workshop handouts, lists of books on teaching thinking (including publishers' URLs and telephone numbers), links to other web sites on teaching thinking, a list of URLs for students writing persuasive arguments, and more."

The Reasoning Center at Virginia Commonwealth University
"The purpose of the The Reasoning Center is to further the development of reasoning skills in college students, recognizing that habits of thought, both desirable and undesirable, begin at a much earlier age. The Center will provide the forum for colloquia, seminars, and publications for scholars in in the areas of philosophy, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology and other areas that study the way we reason, the way we ought to reason, and the best methods for the developing reasoning skills that are necessary in their disciplines."

Last updated: 20 Jun 2007