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Email Lists and Newsletters
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Critical Thinking
Primarily intended for distributing announcements, resources, etc.. Does host some discussion of critical thinking topics.  Moderated. Hosted by Yahoo! Groups. 

"is the list of OSSA, the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation. It is a public list open to anyone interested in contemporary Argumentation Theory, Informal Logic, and related disciplines. The list may be used for posting notices about meetings and conferences, graduate programmes, job offerings, and other relevant matters. In addition, questions and issues within Argumentation Theory may be posted for discussion and comment. PLEASE NOTE: This list is designed for scholars in the area of Argumentation Theory, and is not intended as a place to simply argue."

SkepticMag Hotline
"The SkepticMag Hotline is our FREE e-mail newsletter. Stay on top of everything in skepticism! You will receive the Hotline via e-mail an average of once per week."

Email discussion forum for people interested in the theory and practice of argument mapping.

A Google group for discussion of issues relating to the Rationale argument mapping software. [27 Nov 06]

What's New by Bob Park
Weekly email newsletter reporting on science and pseudoscience issues.

Goldberg File by Jonah Goldberg
Email notification list for Goldberg's entertaining & provocative columns at National Review. Critical thinking in practice.

Skepticism in Nursing email list (Yahoo! group)
"This list discusses the issue of skepticism in professional nursing. Special areas of interest include quackery, ethics of unproven therapies, the importance of critical thinking in nursing, and the development of evidence-based nursing.  Members examine current issues in nursing from a critical, skeptical perspective."

PESTS: Psychologists Educating Students to Think Skeptically
"...is a scholarly mailing list devoted to an active discussion of effective ways of helping students develop their skepticism by learning to critically examine knowledge claims involving mind and behavior. On PESTS, we discuss any topic related to the goal of teaching students to think skeptically about the subject matter of psychology." [12 Jun 02]


Dead Lists

As far as I can tell, these ones are dead:

American Cynic
"The Cynic is a weekly, e-mailed distribution list sending interesting information and thought-provoking stories to intelligent, discerning readers at large. We feel that being a little bit cynical is an essential characteristic for a healthy perspective on modern life. We focus on the historical, social, political, and scientific arenas. We'll discuss the media, technology, and current events. The Cynic has been called a "thinking person's Paul Harvey", and "a riot for the sane mind". The weekly newsletter is readable in about 3 to 4 minutes..." [20 Oct 03]

CRITTHINKT-L - Teaching Critical Thinking
"CRITTHINKT-l is a private access list for a group of philosophers and others interested in teaching critical thinking and in the practical and theoretical problems underlying attempts to improve students' critical thinking abilities and dispositions." [9 Sep 02]

"The THINK-L discussion list will let you talk, and "listen" to others talk, about critical thinking and a variety of other related issues. THINK-L provides subscribers a comfortable "place" to share their interests and engage in thoughtful conversation. You can query others on the list for advice, information, or ask for their help in locating other sources for information."

Last updated: 21 Jun 2007