Dear visitor,

You can access the three tutorials that are connected with the argument mapping program Rationale at
You can access the first parts of each tutorial for free in Rationale. Go to the tutorials.

When you want to have full access to the complete tutorials we offer you a two week Rationale Tutorials subscription.
This subscription allows you to study and make the exercises out of the tutorials within (a limited version of) Rationale; limits: e.g. you cannot save, print or share maps.

Prices of a 15 days access to the Tutorials in Rationale Online:

After the period of 15 days you can buy a full subscription with a discount of 30% (Standard) or 50% (Education).
Of course, you can buy a full subscription now on Rationale with all available options: Standard or Education

For users of Rationale 2 (Windows)

Rationale 2 (Windows) is succeeded by Rationale at Rationale Online has much more functionalities compared to Rationale 2 including working offline, working together on a map and all kind of languages. See here for a comparison. The tutorials have been changed in such a way that they work in Rationale Online.
We will stop supporting Rationale 2 in June 2016.

For eg. lecturers using the tutorials connected to Rationale 2 Windows in classes, workshops ed.: please contact us to obtain access to the tutorials within Rationale Online.

For users that need a stand-alone version of Rationale for e.g. security / legal reasons: this version of Rationale is available too. Please contact us.